cakes & cupcakes



The base cheesecake batter is a straightforward combination of cream cheese, sugar, and eggs… without unnecessary ingredients like flour* or milk. To that, nearly any flavor can be added – some examples include: espresso, gingerbread, pecan pie filling (swirl), coconut, peanut butter, Oreo cookie, fresh organic citrus zest / juice, fresh fruit or fruit compote, various liquors / liquers / cordials, and more.

*With a gluten-free crust (available by request, +$8), nearly all flavors of cheesecake would be suitable for those who can not have gluten in their diet.


Cheesecakes are available in two different sizes:

3″ round          serves 1-2              plain: $4 each          flavors: $5-7 each          minimum order of 8

8″ round         serves 10-16          plain: $30                 flavors: $35-$45




Available in 8″ size only (12-18 servings), for $45.

This is a gluten-free option, containing only high-quality chocolate, eggs, butter, and sugar.





A giant chocolate chunk cookie (crisp on the edges and chewy on the inside) decorated with chocolate fudge frosting, chocolate drizzle, and confetti sprinkles.


Available in 8″ size only (12-18 servings), for $35.





Six layers of light almond cake (a slightly modified version of rainbow/ Italian tricolor cookies) in rainbow colors, stacked with raspberry jam, then coated in a combination of chocolate ganache, chocolate glaze, and chocolate sprinkles.


Available in 8″ size only (16-24 servings), for $60.






All layer cakes consist of three layers of cake with two layers of filling (unless otherwise noted), and they are available in the following sizes:

8″ round     OR                                   12-18 servings          starts at $45

8″ square (two-layer)


10″ round     OR                               20-30 servings          starts at $75

quarter-sheet (9″ x 13″)


half-sheet (13″ x 18″)                  40-60 servings          starts at $125


Cake flavors:

chocolate buttermilk, vanilla buttermilk, carrot, banana, red velvet, spice, or pumpkin


Filling / frosting flavors:

whipped dark or milk chocolate ganache, chocolate fudge, Italian meringue buttercream (vanilla / chocolate / espresso / caramel / peanut butter / etc), cream cheese filling / frosting, “cookies and cream” (fresh whipped cream with Oreo cookie pieces)


Specialty fillings (additional charge based on market price of ingredients):

lemon curd, cannoli filling (made with high-quality impastata ricotta), fresh whipped cream with fresh strawberries, raspberry compote, caramelized pineapple compote, passion fruit mousse, or nearly anything else that you would like


Simple decoration with sprinkles / chopped nuts / chocolate drizzle / cake crumbs is included in the cost of layer cakes. For specialty decoration and tiered cake options, please see the specialty cakes page.




Minimum order quantity:

Standard-size cupcakes            1 1/2 dozen (18) per variety

Mini cupcakes                             2 dozen (24) per variety


Cupcakes are available in all of the same cake flavors listed above for layer cakes. Classic cupcakes (chocolate buttermilk or vanilla buttermilk cupcakes with either chocolate fudge, chocolate buttercream or vanilla buttercream), are priced at $36/dozen for standard size, or $21/dozen for mini (price includes sprinkles / colored buttercream). Any other cake / frosting combinations will be priced by individual request.


Custom toppers for cupcakes (fondant / royal icing decorations or mini decorated cookies) are available, and are generally $1 – $2 each, depending on design / complexity.




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