cookies / treats by the dozen



There is a minimum order amount of two dozen cookies per variety, unless otherwise noted.


black & white cookies                  $24/dozen                 *1 1/2 dozen minimum

cake-like cookies with vanilla and chocolate icing; each cookie is approximately 2 1/4″ diameter


mudslide cookies                         $18/dozen                   *also available gluten-free

melted Callebaut chocolate makes up 80% of the batter for these decadent cookies; contains walnuts


pecan gems                                    $24/dozen                  $30/dozen with chocolate & bourbon

cream cheese dough with a gooey pecan filling (similar to pecan pie)


chocolate crescents                     $18/dozen

dark chocolate cookie dough, rolled by hand into crescent shapes; covered in powdered sugar


Grandma’s cookies                      $36/ 4 dozen                  *4 dozen minimum (very small cookies)

prune or apricot filling rolled inside cream cheese dough; sprinkled with powdered sugar


rainbow cookies                           $45 / 3 dozen                  *3 dozen minimum (thin cookie slices)

classic Italian rainbow / tricolor cookies, made in rainbow colors (or other colors of your choosing)


square linzer cookies            $24/dozen

linzer hearts                              $30/dozen

crisp, buttery almond cookies sandwiched with raspberry jam (or other jam of your choice); dusted with powdered sugar


peanut butter cookies         $18/dozen

the only ingredients are peanut butter, sugar, eggs, salt, and baking powder – which makes for an intensely flavored peanut butter cookie that happens to be gluten-free


coconut macaroons              $18/dozen

not as sweet as the average coconut macaroon (thanks to the use of unsweetened flaked coconut), with a lightly toasted exterior and chewy center; dipped or drizzled with dark chocolate *gluten-free